Closing & Escrow

Individually and collectively, these title insurance underwriters represent billions of dollars in assets all of which stand behind us ready, willing and able to back our obligations and services. With these valuable resources, we have access to the most extensive title plants in the country which helps us ensure a problem and error free closing.

Our Florida Closing & Escrow team is offering the below services:

  • Title insurance;
  • Closing coordination;
  • Short sale closings;
  • Anytime, anywhere closings;
  • Full time notaries on staff;
  • Title search and exams;
  • Review of title and clearance of title related issues and encumbrances;
  • Title commitments in less than 24 hours;
  • Chain of title, tax and lien searches;
  • Escrow services – holding of earnest money deposits and preparation of escrow letters;
  • Quick and accurate preparation of closing documents including HUD-1 Settlement Statements;
  • Immediate disbursement of funds;
  • Issuance of title insurance policies;
  • Public recording of documents;
  • Preparation of releases of liens and mortgages;
  • Complete copies of all closing documents in electronic or paper format;

Whether buying, selling or refinancing a Florida residential or commercial property, Florida Closing & Escrow has the knowledge and experience to close the deal, on time, and with no errors.

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